We are a small family owned business which means instead of going through one operator after another trying to find that one specific person you were just working with, you get direct access to the person not only taking your orders (whether it is by fax, phone or internet)  but to the person who will be processing that order the SAME DAY!


Western Auto Clearance


Office: (949) 361-1999

Fax: (949) 361-1990

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             Looking to clear up some space in your yard but can't seem to get anybody to come pick up their vehicles?

Self-Storage Facilities:


             Tired of wasting precious space on vehicles whose owners have stopped paying?

Private Parties:


             Did your buddy give you that old "it'll just be for a few days" then disappeared leaving you with an 8000 pound lawn ornament that you can't get rid of?

 Then you my friend need a Lien Sale:


              Western Auto Clearance has been in business for over forty years and a long time member of the California Tow Truck Association.  We offer a wide range of services including online submissions, over-the-phone assistance and SAME DAY PROCESSING which means you can get rid of that old clunker taking up all space in as little as 31 days from the day we receive your request!

Repair/Body Shops:


             Frustrated with trying to track down customers for repair fees and refuse to pay what you are rightfully owed?