We are a small family owned business which means instead of going through one operator after another trying to find that one specific person you were just working with, you get direct access to the person not only taking your orders (whether it is by fax, phone or internet)  but to the person who will be processing that order the SAME DAY!


Western Auto Clearance


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What services can you expect?


            First of all, Western Auto Clearance offers SAME DAY TURN AROUND for your Lien Sales which guarentees  notification letters will be mailed about your Lien Sale the SAME DAY (short and disposal liens only) you request it!  We also ensure your Application for Lien Sale is sent to DMV the SAME DAY your order is received (long lien only).


            We notify all owners by Certificate of Mailing and/or Certified Mail (when necessary)

We Complete all DMV Lien forms so you don't have to!  We also prepare your paperwork for when you sell or register it yourself.  All you have to worry about is waiting for the sale date to come then making sure someone is present at the location of the vehicle for the informal auction that must be held by you.

Repair Liens:


            Western Auto Clearance has experience with all Types of Liens Sales.  With over forty years We have exensive experiance with Repair Liens.  There specific rules that must be followed with respect to Repair Liens.  Western Auto Clearance works with our customers to ensure that all required notices are followed.  We do this to ensure our customers lien sales are as complete as possible.


Storage Liens:


            Western Auto Clearance has completed Thousands of these types of Lien Sales.  Our expericance with these types of Liens is extensive and complete.  Our software is up to date and manages this process effectively and and completely.


Self Storage LIens:


            These types of liens have additional rules that effect these types of liens.  Some of these rules conflict with other lien types.  We have experience with Self Storage Lien Sales.  We take special care to when dealing with Self Storage Liens to ensure these liens are done correctly, the first time.


Disposal Liens:


                Most Lien Sale Companies do not do these types of liens because they require careful review of the process.  We do not shy away from these types of Liens.  We approach these liens with the same careful review of the facts.


Vessel Liens:


             We have been doing Boat Liens for a very long time.  Our experience with these types of liens is longer than some lien sale companies have been in business.  We understand the rules and we are do both short and long boat liens.  Many Lien Companies are not willng to do Short Boats.  Western Auto Clearance has experiance with both types of Boat Liens.