We are a small family owned business which means instead of going through one operator after another trying to find that one specific person you were just working with, you get direct access to the person not only taking your orders (whether it is by fax, phone or internet)  but to the person who will be processing that order the SAME DAY!


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 What happens if


             The owner comes before the sale date to pick up their vehicle?  As long as they pay what you are owed including the Lien Sale Filing Fee then they can reclaim their vehicle.  Now the vehicle is gone and you've been compensating for your storage and towing and/or repair fees!  Remember, the goal of a Lien Sale if to get the you the money you are owed.


When can I start a Lien Sale?


             If you own a Towing company or Self-Storage Facility you may being the Lien Sale once the vehicle comes into your possession.


             If you are a Mechanic, Repair or Body Shop you may start the Lien Sale either after the bill has been presented to the customer or 15 days after the date the work has been completed -whichever comes first.


NOTE: You can only charge the Lien Fee after 72 hours have past.


How much can I charge for Storage?


             The state of California does not specify a limit to what you can charge for storage.  However, if your business regularly stores vehicles (such as Storage Facilities and Towing Companies) you are obligated to clearly post your daily rates in plain sight


             It is possible that your city does impose limits.  Contact your city to learn if there are any limits on what you are able to charge for storage.


             If you are requesting a Short or Very Short Lien the most you can collect in storage is 60 days from your possession date or date work completed at your specified daily storage rate.  However, certain rules apply 


              If you are requesting a Long Lien the most you can collect in storage is up to 120 days from your possession date or date work completed at your specified daily storage rate.


NOTE:  If you are requesting a Short Lien and an Opposition is filed against your Lien, you may also be able to collect up to 120 days of storage upon receiving an authorization letter for continuation from the DMV.   (22851.a)


What is a Declaration of Opposition?


             This is a form the owners of the vehicle have the option of filing with the DMV to stop the Lien Sale.  Once an Opposition is filed, the vehicle cannot be Lien Sold on the date of sale.  (3072)


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