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What can I do if someone Opposes my Lien?


              Should you receive a Declaration of Opposition or Denial Letter from the DMV, you have three options:


1-      Contact the person or company that denied the Lien and have them fill out the Release of Interest provided at the bottom of the Denial Letter.  Original signatures must be mailed to the DMV -faxed or photocopies will not be accepted.

2-      File a suit in Small Claims Court against the person or company that opposed the Lien and -upon receiving a judgment in your favor -wait 30 days then submit your original documents to the DMV for authorization to proceed with your Lien Sale.

3-      Determine that the person or company that opposed the Lien Sale is un-servable as addressed then submit documented proof of this to the DMV (3072).


The customer wants to pay their bill; should I let them?


                   Once you receive any amount of money from your customer, your Lien Sale becomes invalid; so if they are willing to pay you, keep this in mind and make sure you are receiving full payment.




Do I have to wait for the Sale Date to sell the vehicle even if I have a buyer now?


                YES.  The goal of a Lien Sales is to get you the money your are owed. The vehicle cannot be sold until after the appropriate 31 days have past and you must hold un auction on that date for any persons coming to bid on the vehicle. 


 I sold the vehicle for more than I am owed; do I keep the overage?


                 If on the sale day you sell the Vehicle for more that you are owed you turn over the excess to the DMV along with a copy of the completed Certificate of Lien:


                                 Department of Motor Vehicles

                                 Lien Sale Section

                                 2415 1st Ave

                                 Sacramento, CA 95818


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