We are a small family owned business which means instead of going through one operator after another trying to find that one specific person you were just working with, you get direct access to the person not only taking your orders (whether it is by fax, phone or internet)  but to the person who will be processing that order the SAME DAY!


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Who pays for the back Registration Fees and/or any tickets/parking violations?


                  Any past tickets or parking violations are not the buyer's responsibility.  However, back registration fees are another matter.


                   If the vehicle's registration was expired at the time of the tow, the buyer will have to pay the fees.  If the tags expired while in your possession, then the penalties are usually waived - it will be up to the DMV teller to decide.



I made a mistake on the Lien I submitted; do I have to redo it?


                   Everyone makes mistakes which is why we always encourage our clients (and ourselves) to double check everything they send us and we send them to avoid any costly mistakes.


                   Some errors can be fixed without the need to re-file the Lien but more often than not, the Lien will need to be resubmitted and a new sale date will be assigned.


What if I made a mistake on my paperwork?


                   Duplicates can be provided for up to 3 years for a small cost.


NOTE:  The DMV will not accept faxed or photocopies - all documents must be originals .


More questions?


                    Don't be shy -feel free to call or email any further questions you may have.